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Do you need a touch-up or just wish to have the outsides of your windows cleaned for seasonal maintenance? Not a problem! We're happy to accommodate your needs to make sure you enjoy your windows at a price you can afford.
We are happy to help out the homeowners. Our skilled and trained window cleaners are professionals on the ladders and are safe with your home if you ever need them used inside or out to clean the glass.
We service all of Phoenix the local metro area to keep commercial businesses looking great! We offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly packages for all of our clients with the options to skip inside cleanings periodically when needed to help keep you on budget.

Typical Services for the Home

Often, it's the smallest details that matters the most.


Cleaning the glass!

It's all in the towels, and skill of course! We can clean the windows inside and out, or just outside only! It's up to you!


Window & Sun Screens

We wet, soap, scrub, rinse and dry all of your screens to get rid of that pesky Phoenix dust.


Window Tracks & Sills

We offer basic track and sill cleaning to get rid of dirt, dust and dead bugs!


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If you're not happy with the cleaning, we'll do our best to make your windows shine, make you happy, or refund you!

What To Consider

When hiring a window cleaning company

The dangers that are inherent in scaling heights while carrying out window cleaning make it mandatory for a professional window cleaning company to carry adequate insurance. Many things could go wrong when conducting window cleaning. It is not uncommon for a staff member of the window cleaning company to fall from a height when cleaning your windows and if they are not insured you might find yourself facing litigation. In addition to the possibilities of injuries and fatalities when cleaning windows, falling objects could also damage property and you must therefore ensure that the provider of cleaning services has insurance capable of covering all eventualities.
When you hire a window cleaning company, you are inviting strangers into your home and this is not something you can take lightly. While most window cleaners are honest people, there are some who have untrustworthy workers. These are the kind of workers who will have no qualms about stealing small but precious items from your house or coming there to conduct research to find out how they could come later when you are not at home. To make sure that you are not dealing with a bunch of rogues, look at how professional the company looks. Does the company have adequate equipment? Is the staff uniformed? Should you encounter one of those one-man-shows that come to your residence accompanied by an unkempt and clownish-looking bunch of workers, you had better be careful.
When you decide to carry out window cleaning you want to do it on a very specific schedule. The cleaning company you choose should be able to sit down with you to draw a precise plan of action. At the outset, you should discuss not just the cost of the service but also the specific day and time when the exercise should begin and end. Unless there are unforeseen weather extremities that could make window cleaning impossible, you must avoid a company that does not honor schedules.
Since professional window cleaning companies have been around for quite some time, it helps to work with a company that has several years’ experience. Even when the company has been in existence for just a couple of years, you can judge its competence by looking at examples of past jobs it has completed. You should therefore ask the company to provide photographic evidence of jobs it has done in the past. The company’s reputation is even more important and you should visit the company’s website to see the reviews that past customers have left. Since past clients are likely to be people in your locality, it helps to give them a call to find out what they think about the company. You could also conduct an online search to find out if there have been any complaints against the company.
Cost is certainly an important consideration in window cleaning and while you may want to pay the lowest price possible it is important to make sure that the low price is not representative of a mediocre performance. The cleaner charging the lowest price is not necessarily the best and could actually cause you plenty of headaches. Remember that quality costs money and let the price you settle for be weighed against the other considerations we have raised here. Hiring a competent residential window cleaning company guarantees you many benefits. When you have a professional firm doing the job, you know that your assets are safe and that you stand no risk of litigation. On the other hand hiring an inexperienced window cleaner might mean that you’ll end up with permanent streaks on your windows, broken glass and probably a date with the courts.


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