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If you’re looking for a company to take care of those hard to reach windows, look no further. Call A Pane in the Glass to come and clean those windows like no ones business.

When it comes to cleaning windows in Scottsdale, especially those that are on the second floor of your home, there are a few things you should consider before hiring someone to do the work. In the first place, some of the people that are walking down the road knocking on doors asking for window cleaning jobs are merely looking for homes to rob while the owner’s out. You should avoid these kinds of people at all costs. In the second place, before you hire anyone to do work on your house, you should take the time to investigate them, their company, and their work history. Let’s take a look at some of the finer details of choosing the right window washing company.

Individuals Or Companies That Do Work On Your Home Should have Liability Insurance

Scottsdale Contractors liability insurance would cover the people working on your home if they were to drop a tool that then plunged down and broke through a window of your home. It also covers them if they were to knock something off and it were to injure your neighbors passing by on the sidewalk.

The reason that you should be worried about such coverage is that when they’re working on your house, you could be sued if they were to injure a passerby. In addition to that, if one of their workers were to fall off of a ladder and become seriously injured you might be responsible for their medical bills if they didn’t have some kind of contractors liability insurance.

Finally, if they were not to finish their job completely, or the job that they did was totally unsatisfactory, you as the homeowner could then sue them and either be covered for the repairs or at least put them out of business, unable to get insurance again in the future. So it’s important when choosing a Scottsdale Window Washing Company to make all of these checks.

You Need To Have Sufficient Time To Check Out Any Contractors For Customer Reviews Online

In this great era of the Internet, the buyer of home services now has the opportunity to go online and quickly investigate any Scottsdale window cleaning contractors before they hire them to see how well they do their job and treat their customers.

If a Scottsdale window cleaning contractor hasn’t been in business long enough to have any reviews, that should be highly suspicious. It may be that they had another company, under a different name, that received many disastrous reviews and then could no longer find new customers.

There are so many online review sites for customers to leave their opinions about the services they’ve received from contractors, it would be highly unusual for any company to be in business very long and not at least have some customer comments.

Background Checks Of Any Workers That Need To Enter Your Home Are A Necessity

In this day and age it’s important to know the background of anyone you allow inside your home to do work. Before having any contractors enter your home you should take the time to ask them if they’ve run complete background checks on all of their workers. The last thing you want is for them to be returning at a later time to steal everything they saw while they were on the job.

While it may seem easy to just hire people soliciting for business as they walk down the road, it’s increasingly important to do background checks, review checks and paperwork checks to make sure that the people doing the work are fully insured, not criminals, do good work, and take good care of their customers.

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